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    Trends: Outgrowing Your Project Management Tools

    on 25 April 2016


    Posted by Sam Abrahams
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    We've all been there. It's not you, it's me. I need some space.

    Software Advice's 2015 report into small business buyers of project management tools found that 64% of those questioned in the UK identified having outgrown current tools as a reason for their looking to replace existing software. It's never easy to say goodbye but, if you have to, best to make it quick.

    A range of tools for the effective management of projects and progress. Inclusive interaction and collaboration. An efficient way to share files while saving on the traditional day-to-day running costs of a busy office. But as attractive as many collaboration solutions all may be, perhaps you're after a little more substance, a little more support? What happens if you feel the need to explore exciting new possibilities?

    Scaling Up

    And more to the point, what happens when you start to realise your ambitions? As your business grows, so will your needs – and you'll need a software solution that can grow with you.

    It may well be the case that your current project management and collaboration software simply doesn't have all the features or capacity that really get your head turning. But even if you find the answer you think you've been looking for, a few months down the line will it allow you to flourish or will it hold you back?

    With Glasscubes' unique pricing system, users benefit from a valuable sense of freedom – there are no restrictive year-long contracts, and the payment plan allows for both scaling up or scaling down on a monthly basis.

    And with that kind of flexibility, you'll know you have a partner that understands your needs. 

    Wondering what features a SaaS project management tool should have to support your methodology? This article can help.


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