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    This Is Why UK Businesses Are Going Green

    on 6 February 2018

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams

    Among the most encouraging business news in recent times is the fact that many British companies are reported to be going green. This is great news for the environment, as well as for the economy and for the firms' workers.

    Yet, maybe you are wondering why so many UK businesses have started becoming more environmentally friendly lately. The truth is that there are some very good reasons why this is happening.

    The Financial Benefits Are Encouraging Them

    One of the best things about going green is that it often leads to financial benefits as well as a positive impact on the environment. This means that the company can cut costs while doing something extremely worthwhile too.

    Becoming more eco-friendly often involves an up-front cost, with the classic example being office lighting. However, this initial cost is usually recouped relatively quickly, with impressive on-going savings from then on. For example, purchasing and fitting LED bulbs is costlier than simply replacing a used incandescent bulb every now and then. But thereafter, there will be a significant reduction in lighting costs, as well as far fewer bulbs to replace.

    However, there are also other ways of cutting costs while helping the environment. For instance, using less paper obviously means spending less on notepads, paper rolls, and even photocopier machine rent and maintenance. These kinds of savings can make all the difference to a small or fledgling business or project.

    Even making the office greener by adding plants can have a positive effect on businesses by helping to improve worker productivity. Creating a more environmentally conscious and harmonious workplace can have a strong impact on morale and staff turnover, also.

    Working from Home Is Easier Than Ever Before

    Remote work is another way in which UK businesses are successfully implementing greener ways of working. There are a number of benefits to remote work, which allows individuals or whole teams to remain engaged and productive in their project work without having to commute and all that entails.

    As well as individuals saving on transport costs and reducing their carbon footprint by travelling less, there is also a saving to be made by not opening the office, turning on the lights and switching on the air conditioning. In addition, this approach can also help to ensure that people think twice before printing or using any energy-guzzling equipment, which can help them to change their usual habits, which are often more wasteful in the office than at home.

    Thankfully, allowing people to work from home is now easier than ever before. This is largely because of modern-day platforms for communication and teamwork, such as team collaboration software, video conferencing applications and cloud storage. 

    All of this means that working from home is an increasingly popular option. It is one of the main positive changes that companies can introduce to reduce costs, have happier staff and protect the environment.

    Their Reputation is At Stake

    Finally, there is no doubt that a company's attitude to the planet is a huge factor in their reputation these days. Many customers will now prefer a brand that is known for its eco-friendly outlook over one that hasn't adopted the practices we have looked at here.

    This is why UK businesses will proudly proclaim their green credentials on their websites and on their products and services. They understand how important this is to people and they go out of their way to make sure that message is well communicated to existing and prospective clients and customers.

    You may also sometimes see lists of the country's greenest companies published online and in newspapers. Every business in the UK wants to be on this type of list, as it is a terrific way of getting positive publicity in the company of well-known and established brands.

    On the other hand, any company that is caught damaging the environment through out-dated ways of working is likely to suffer the consequences. Because of this, it is the fear of a negative image that encourages some groups to finally put an environmentally friendly plan into action.

    Of course, whatever the reasons for this shift towards green working that we are seeing, we can all be thankful for the positive results. It seems certain that this trend will continue into the future, which can only be good news for raising awareness of our pressing environmental issues, and for UK business as a whole.


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