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    The Dreaded Group Project – Why Group Work Is No Longer to be Feared

    on 12 April 2017


    Posted by Franklin Williams-Smith

    When we think back to our college days, there are a few memories that make most of us cringe. That early morning exam after a late night of partying.… that extra-long reading assignment over Easter break that you knew you weren’t going to read… These memories, and others, come readily to mind, but there is one memory that typically rears its head only when we’re reminded of it: the dreaded group project.

    No matter what you ended up studying, it was inevitable. Somewhere along the line, you encountered a tutor who believed that the best way to learn was to do it together. Business students had to come up with a business plan. Marketing students were tasked with the creation of a branding strategy. Computer scientists had to develop software applications. Artists had to design something. Engineers had to build something. The project itself wasn’t the problem – it was the other members of the group.

    Even the best group project plans ended up the same way: with you doing all the work, and everyone else sharing all the credit!

    In today’s ever-changing marketplace, group projects are increasingly seen as the norm. Productivity and performance goals continue to increase, with more and more work being demanded of us – but there are only so many hours in a day. The answer is collaboration. And while the idea of group projects still make some of us cringe, there have been some significant developments that address the very issues that haunted us in college.

    Problem one: I had to do all the work!

    This is a big problem – the night before the presentation, you’re up all night putting the finishing touches on the project while the rest of your team is out having fun! Fortunately, advances in team collaboration software have put an end to this once and for all. Glasscubes’ tools help the project leader assign specific parts of the project to specific members of the team, and help keep each member focused on their own assignments.

    Problem two: There was never time to get everyone together!

    Gathering everyone for group meetings was a major issue in college – schedules were hectic, and someone always had plans during the exact time that was good for the rest of the group! With the features included in Glasscubes, there’s no longer a need to gather the group. These tools are accessible by every member – all they need is an internet connection – so wherever your team happens to be, they’re available.

    Problem three: I never knew the status of my teammates!

    The night before the homework was due, you always had to worry that someone didn’t get their part done – so you did it yourself…. just in case! Project management software has changed all of that. All of that information is available at a glance – you can check the status of every part of a project, and if for any reason one area needs assistance, the project leader can assign extra help while there’s still time.

    Problem four: I could never be sure their work was up to par!

    This one was always a challenge… you stayed up late, working on a fantastic project, only to find that your teammate’s closing presentation was full of typos, or they had a bug in their software, or their part of the engine burned up as soon as it was turned on! The software tools available now have quality control and testing built right into the tool. No milestone will be marked as completed until it passes muster, and if a problem is identified, the team will have the opportunity to correct it before the deadline.

    Problem five: I always had to share credit, even when I did all the work!

    You put your heart and soul into the project, working hard for hours… your teammate just made a pretty poster – and you both got the same grade! Project management best practices ensure that this problem is a thing of the past. Every asset assigned to a project is tracked for the entire duration of that project. Your project manager knows exactly what you did, and exactly how long it took. Your work – your credit.

    We aren’t in college anymore. There’s no reason to cringe when we hear the words ‘group project.’ Today’s collaborative tools have eliminated the issues that used to come up, and these tools are being continually updated and improved. With each new release, these increasingly intuitive tools get better and more efficient – meaning that your team can continue to get better and more efficient.


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