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    The Avengers – How Collaboration Can Achieve Miracles

    on 14 March 2016


    Posted by Sam Abrahams
    bigstock Superhero business man and wom 2

    The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man was never the most likely personality grouping, but there's plenty they can teach us about how effective mixing things up can be.

    Individuals overcoming their differences to work together and achieve their goals. That's what teamwork is all about – just take a look at X-Men, or The Avengers – they may not have had a suite of online collaboration tools to help them out but they still achieved miraculous feats by working as a team.

    The composition of the Avengers can easily (albeit with a bit of imagination thrown in) be compared to the various types of team members in your office. They all have their own pros and cons, and finding the right mix of these types for your team may prove a challenge, but the secret is in the blend:

    Captain America – The Oldie

    This type of person has probably been in the company for many years, they do things the way it’s always been done and have problems adapting to new ideas and procedures. Handle with care and don’t force them into new roles overnight. Slowly lead them into new ways of working and give them extra attention when implementing new software or routines.

    The Hulk – The Quiet Type

    Prefers to keep to himself, and is usually quiet in meetings and in the break room. Normally he/she’s slow to speak and prefer to think things through before suggesting anything. But don’t confuse quiet for dumb, there is usually a great intellect lurking behind the gruff facade. Don’t assign this type to tasks that require constant interaction or quick decisions, but instead find more analytical and long-term assignments.

    Thor – The Leader

    Naturally takes a lot of space, not afraid to voice opinions nor to challenge current leadership. Usually an advocate for new technologies, such as cloud solutions – because no cloud, no thunder. Strong-willed and capable, and tends to be found in leadership positions.

    Black Widow – The Diplomat

    Wants everyone to get along, and helps make it so by mediating conflicts and arguments. She/he’s the spider in the net and coordinates everyone towards the common goal; the glue that makes teamwork possible. Fits best a role involving project management and planning.

    Iron Man – The Narcissist

    Confident, charming and a smooth talker. Thinks very highly of him/herself and can easily create conflicts with flippant behavior. If part of a team, be sure to include one Black Widow in the mix to mediate. Best put to use in sales-type tasks, or in a stressful environment where quick decisions have to be made. Just make sure there are strict guidelines in place, otherwise this type can go overboard.

    Get the right blend of skills and personalities to help you formulate the best team for your business's collaboration.

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