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    The 3 Touchstones of Online Collaboration & Glasscubes

    on 5 September 2016

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    Posted by Spencer Abel
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    Effective online collaboration is essential in today’s competitive and innovative business landscape. Remote teams need fast, trustworthy systems that facilitate their practices and communication. Here are the 3 essential factors that will determine to what extent your team is able to collaborate, complete and compete.

    Secure Filing Sharing

    Instead of transferring files using emails and a costly internal setup, Glasscubes allows you to store all your valuables in the cloud. Our online storage platform enables users to save and access files in an efficient and secure environment. All data is protected with the most secure form of SSL encryption, which ensures that only users can view their data – not even we can access your files without permission. Our enterprise level search facility is fast and simple, and our offline file synching is fantastic for remote teams who rely on close collaboration.

    Project Management Tools

    Glasscubes provides project managers with a host of essential and handy tools that allow for the creation and assignment of tasks and milestones, and the monitoring and analysis of projects as they progress. Our shared calendars are fantastic for teams whose projects depend on a variety of activities as private and shared schedules can be overlaid and easily organised.

    Effective Communication

    Typically communication is handled via emails, texts, Skype messages, or some other platform that takes you out of what you’re doing, and relies on endless chains of conversation that have important nuggets of information embedded deep within, inaccessible to anyone who wasn’t included in the dialogue. With Glasscubes’ user-friendly online workspaces, you won’t have to check your inbox or phone to stay in the loop. Our team collaboration software allows you to upload documents, build groups, and have threaded topics so that teams stay in touch at lighting speed.

    If you’d like more information about Glasscubes and how we can help your projects, contact us today and sign up for a free 30-day trial – no payment details required.

    Glasscubes is a user-friendly collaboration software for teams. Connect everyone that you work with in an online workspace that improves the way you share files, manage projects and communicate with each other. 

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