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    Satisfying Workplace Resolutions with Team Collaboration Software

    on 3 January 2017


    Posted by Spencer Abel
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    2017 is upon us, and yet somehow it feels strangely familiar to last year. If the familiarity is resulting from a lack of change within the workplace, don’t you think it’s finally time to come through with those resolution promises? Whether you made promises or not, a workplace always as room for improvement. One of the ways to create a more sound and efficient place of work is to implement team collaboration software. By integrating a world-class software such as Glasscubes into your processes and practices, you’ll be able to provide your employees with some pretty fantastic perks.

    Remote Work

    Coming in everyday to a designated place of work is a necessity. Employees need to able to communicate with each other in real time, must be able to share their progress, and collaborate with others. The thing is, when you introduce a project management and team collaboration software into the workplace you are creating a virtual workspace for your employees. This state of the art solution provides teams and organisations with a platform upon which to maintain all the functionality of a real-space office – only with infinitely more capacity to create and complete tasks. Using such a platform enables employees to complete the same quality of work whether they’re in or outside of the office. Use work-from-home days as incentive or make it a mandatory action that employees must partake in. Either way, your workforce will be energised, more motivated and more productive.

    Less Face-to-Face Meetings

    Meetings are somehow still justifiable time-wasting pits of quicksand. Meetings take from their productive work time employees who may be only marginally affected by the information being made available. Even if the information is pertinent to everyone who attends the meeting, these meet ups too quickly turn into idle chatter that leads to distractions, which removes teams from their work. With an online workspace, team members can have immediate access to all the relevant information. Even where people operate in different time zones, information will be visible where and when they need it.

    Transparency & Lucidity

    Have you recently heard your employees being confused regarding the progress of projects or what task they should accomplish next? Incorporating a smart team collaboration and project management software will give employees the ability to clearly map out routes to go about completing a project and will allow them to chart their progress. With such a system in place employees will no longer be lost in the midst of miscommunication.

    Better Tact

    Giving advice or criticism can sometimes be a touchy endeavour. Telling someone to their face that their work just isn’t cutting it takes a degree of sensitivity that not everyone possesses. Online solutions allow you to stay behind the curtain when you tell others what’s lacking in their work, or on the flip side what you think they’re doing well. Not having to sit someone down in your office to deal with a sensitive subject enables you to choose the right words and deliver them at the right time, in a way that can often prove to be far less confrontational.

    Give All of Your Employees an Equal Voice

    Extroverts tend to be awarded a higher value than introverts in the work setting due to their willingness to speak up. When most of the office dialogue takes place in face to face settings such as office meetings, the voices of introverts tend will often be drowned out.  However, this all changes when meetings are held in a virtual workspace as opposed to in the conference room. Communicating with the use of Glasscubes team collaboration software levels the playing field by putting introverts in an environment where they are less inhibited, and where big personalities don’t dominate the conversation. All teams need to give attention to all their respective parts, and not have quietly intelligent ideas drowned out by loud voices.

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