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    on 29 February 2012

    Something that some of you have requested for a while now is the ability to set up Workspace templates which you can use every time a new project kicks off. We've now implemented this in Glasscubes and I wanted to bring to your attention the functionality available, how to use it, and what the limitations are.

    So what is a Template then? a template is a Workspace that you can set up as normal - adding users, documents, folders, tasks, etc. However no one can access this template except you the creator. Now once you've setup the template as you wish, when creating a new Workspace you will be able to select from a drop down list your template(s) and hit the 'Create' button. A new workspace will be created that is based/copied from the template, thus enabling to create Workspaces quickly.

    You may have noticed already that when creating a new Workspace you now have a new option 'Create Template'. If you select this, you will have created a new Template and you can set it up as you wish.



    You can access your templates from the drop down list in the main 'Workspace' tab.

    Currently project templates support the following:

    • People/Users
    • Files/Documents
    • Whiteboards
    • Google docs
    • Folders
    • Tasks and sub-tasks
    • Calendar events, conf calls, and meetings
    • Discussion posts (but not the comments follow-ups) and Polls

    Currently templates do not support:

    • Comments
    • Replied to discussions or polls
    • Permissions on files or tasks


    We hope you find this useful, and if you have any further questions or problems please contact us as

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    Posted by Wayne