• SaaS Project Management Tools: The Rundown From 6 Experts

    on 30 September 2019


    SaaS Project Management Tools The Rundown From 6 Experts

    You’ve probably heard the term software-as-a-service (SaaS), but may not be completely clear on its meaning. In the case of SaaS project management, it involves delivering a set of project management capabilities through the cloud to your web browser or mobile device.

    Organisations use SaaS project management tools in a variety of ways. For example, Levi Olmstead, manager of SEO and community outreach at G2, says his content marketing team uses a SaaS project management tool for several things:

    • Sprint planning for his writers.
    • Task management throughout the content writing and outreach process.
    • Visibility with upper management.
    • Larger, cross-team and cross-company projects.

    Given the different feature combinations each tool could have, some may work well for the project management methodology you use, while others may not. See below for several popular methodologies and the features that best support them.

    Project Management & SaaS: Making The Right Match

    When it comes to SaaS project management, the methodology should dictate what features your PM tool should have. (Tweet this!)


    Tom Feltham, marketing and product director at Software Path, says the agile methodology is best suited for lightweight project management tools that focus on ease of communication. “Agile is, after all, about individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Slack is probably the most common tool in this space as it is primarily a communication tool that can encourage agile values.”

    Feltham’s team is small, and he looks for flexibility first and foremost so they can adapt their PM methodologies as they scale up. He currently uses Asana and Slack together to achieve his desired flexibility. “Slack can sub in when we want to keep tools and processes to a minimum, such as during remote daily standups.”


    This project management methodology pairs well with Gantt charts. Kris Hughes, senior content marketing manager at, says that a well-built Gantt chart enables you to easily assign tasks and workloads. “A good SaaS project management tool will also include features that support the creation of dependent tasks so one task cannot be started until another task is finished, creating the ‘waterfall’ of work to complete throughout the project’s lifecycle.”

    Jason David, CEO of Software Portal, adds that waterfall has become a “taboo” term for some with regard to development projects, but it still has its place. He notes that waterfall is more methodical, albeit slower, than agile, and it’s not set up to be iterative. “This makes it even more important to keep track of what needs to be done with a robust PM tool because if a ball gets dropped, it’s harder to go back and correct the problem.”


    This methodology focuses on lean principles and a strict process to increase efficiency. Sandeep Kashyap, CEO of ProofHub, says that project managers often combine the concept of kanban with agile methods. “The kanban methodology helps achieve efficiency by using visual cues that show various stages of the development process. Therefore, a SaaS PM solution that uses kanban-style boards is essential.”

    Hughes also calls out other useful features that can help support a variety of methodologies:

    • Multiple views that update concurrently in real time.
    • The ability to change how tasks appear, such as in card form or as to-do list items.
    • Highly customisable reporting functionality that can look at different variables across different time periods.

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    Carsten Schaefer, CEO of, says that finding a SaaS PM tool that has all the features he wants and supports his team’s preferred methodology is nearly impossible. “Perhaps this is why there are so many of these tools—everyone wants to build something for niche use cases.”

    Hello, impossible. Meet a SaaS project management tool for whatever methodology you use: Glasscubes.

    Glasscubes is your go-to solution for managing projects across methodologies. Collaboration is a key aspect of project management, and our solution includes essential collaboration features such as file sharing and messaging, among others. Glasscubes also provides a suite of project management tools that enable you to create and assign tasks, perform critical path analyses, develop Gantt charts, and much more.

    With Glasscubes, you can:

    • Store and share files in a secure location, complete with automatic version control. You can even create approval workflows and view clear audit trails of user actions.
    • Create customised workspaces for each project team in your portfolio. Team members can share resources and communicate with one another in their specific workspace, and you can access them all for easy oversight.
    • Communicate practically anywhere through threaded discussions on the general message board, on specific files, on assigned tasks, or through instant messenger.

    Collaborate in the project management style of your choosing. Start your free trial of Glasscubes today.

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