• Project Management Experts Follow These 5 Blogs—Do You?

    on 23 May 2019


    Project Management Experts Follow These 5 Blogs Do You

    Project management can be complex for even veteran project managers, whether you’re developing software or constructing a building. You need to have the right knowledge, skills, and expertise to plan and execute projects successfully. That’s why there are so many groups, professional associations, forums, and blogs tied to the discipline.

    We're all about project management (check out our online project management software if you haven't already!), which is why we're always interested in resources that help us stay in the loop and educated on best practices. Blogs in particular are plentiful and chock full of information. Which blogs would project management experts recommend you follow? We asked them directly and curated their top picks—which include one podcast. (Tweet this!) Check ’em out below.

    5 Of The Best Project Management Blogs (+ One Podcast!)

    1. Age of Product

    First on our list of best project management blogs: Age of Product. It includes tools, practices, and insights for agile product development, product management, and lean methodologies. David White, senior project manager at Best Response Media, is one of its many fans. “From scrum and kanban to lean startup, you can find posts that discuss modern methodologies, project management best practices, and other PM topics,” he adds.

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    2. The Digital Project Manager

    Also liked by White, the Digital Project Manager includes lots of useful, practical posts focused on digital and web-based projects. Their niche content, which is especially relevant to digital agencies and studios, draws on existing frameworks such as Prince2, scrum, and PMP.

    3. Green Project Management

    The Green Project Management blog helps PMs take a sustainable approach to project management. It includes coverage of projects that benefit the environment and topics such as sustainability, green technologies, and global warming, as they relate to business projects. It really helps bring important environmental issues and projects to the forefront. “Our company is all about sustainability and helping the environment, so this blog is definitely a top choice for us,” says Nate Masterson, CEO of Maple Holistics.

    4. The Lazy Project Manager’s Blog

    The Lazy Project Manager’s Blog takes a less formal approach to project management. The author writes about everything from giving better presentations to the best project management certifications to forming better working relationships with customers and clients. “The author provides deep insights that are delivered in a humorous way, which helps connect with the reader. If you’re like me, you’ll find the concepts easy to relate to,” says Siddhartha Gupta, CEO of Mercer-Mettl.

    5. Project Management Basics

    “Even project management experts started somewhere. If you’re just beginning your PM journey, this blog is a great place to start,” advises Masterson. The posts on Project Management Basics cover concepts such as time management, leading projects, risk response strategies, and how to keep things simple. “It’s an easy, user-friendly blog with simple tips that are helpful, relevant, and easy to consume, which is what makes it so great for beginner PMs.”

    6. The Project Management Podcast

    The Project Management Podcast regularly features interviews with project managers from around the world. They share their experiences and what makes them successful in their field. Jeff Neal, project manager at PennCoat, adds this about the podcast: “It’s been a great tool in my informal PM training because it's geared toward beginner and experienced PMs alike. It doesn't get too bogged down in formalities; instead, it gets right into the meat and potatoes, and talks about effective ways to schedule, organize, and execute projects. This makes it easier for me to absorb the material.”

    Do you have any project management experts or blogs you follow that didn’t make the list? Tweet us @Glasscubes and share it!


    Posted by Kevin Senior