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    Online project management - Time Tracking

    on 4 June 2010
    Posted by Wayne Pope

    Well as many of our customers are working with clients and need to track time spent on work done we're delighted to let you now know that Time Tracking is now available in Glasscubes for better online project management. Not only that but we are offering this on all accounts including the Basic free accounts at no extra charge.

    Of course not everyone wants time tracking - that's why it added as another Workspace cube module:

    Simply make sure you select the 'Time Tracking' module and it will appear in your Workspace. For Workspaces that have already been created - just click on the 'Workspace Settings' button on the Dashboard.

    So how do I track time?

    Tracking time is very simple in Glasscubes - go to the list of tasks within the Workspace and click on the task you want to put time against. Under the details of the task you can enter time spent on that task:

    Simply enter the time you spent, who did it and optionally any note you want to add. Time is entered in hours and can be entered in two formats: If you want to add 1 hour and 30 minutes you can enter is as either: 1:30 or 1.5


    And the reports how does that work?

    Click on the 'Reports' sub tab and you'll be presented with a page similar to this:

    Here you can customize your report to show the details you are interested in. Firstly select who you want to report time on, then the start and end dates you are interested in and click on the 'Create report' button. You can even switch to another workspaces time if required. All time spent for the criteria you selected with then be displayed - you can even export this report to Excel/ CSV format.

    We really hope you find this functionality really useful for your online project management. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me at

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