• Project Management Software Reviews: The 7 Best Sites

    on 19 June 2019


    Project Management Software Reviews The 7 Best Sites

    When it comes to project management (PM), even the best project managers need a solid tool to help them and their team deliver on time and within budget. But with so many tools available on the market, how do you know which one is best for your team? Enter project management software reviews.

    There are plenty of review sites that cover hybrid and cloud-based project management software reviews. We’ve collected seven of the most useful ones below. Included are descriptions of what type of reviews you’ll find on the site, and commentary from experts who’ve used the sites to help them decide which project management tool to implement.

    Top Sites For Online Project Management Software Reviews


    Capterra is one of the most well-known software review sites. It’s been featured in Businessweek and Forbes, and has over 900,000 reviews and 700 software categories. To help you in your selection process, the site also includes a buyer’s guide for nearly every category, including project management software.

    Within that category specifically, there are more than 750 options. If you’re looking to quickly narrow down the huge list, you can use the site’s three, auto-populated top 20 lists for most popular, most affordable, and most user-friendly PM tools. Otherwise, you can filter by:

    • Methodologies—agile or traditional.

    • Pricing—free trial, freemium, monthly or annual subscription, and one-time license.

    • Popular features—budget management, Gantt charts, resource management, and more.

    • Users—1, 10–49, 1,000+, and several other range options.

    • Deployment—web-based, installed, iOS, or Android.

    You can further sort your list by ratings, reviews, and alphabetically.

    Looking for a PM tool that has hundreds of great reviews on Capterra? Check out what users have to say about Glasscubes, then start your free trial.


    G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) has over 775,000 validated user reviews across hundreds of categories. Whether you’re looking for a broad, multi-application tool for your cross-functional team or something more niche, G2’s subcategories and filtering features let you slice and dice countless tools into a more manageable number of options.

    For example, you can start out in a broader category like project, portfolio, and program management software, then drill down into a subcategory such as project management software or project cost management software.

    The site’s many reviews also instill a sense of trust in its users, an important aspect for Tom Buckland, owner of HQ SEO. He sees it as critical to deciding which PM software to explore. “G2 has several good aspects, such as its time-saving filters, but the main reason we like the site is because of its authentic, verified reviews. They help us make decisions on new software with minimal bias.”


    PCMag offers independent reviews of project management software, among other tools and products. The staff regularly puts together editor’s lists that explore what they consider to be the best PM tools available at the time. They’re clear on the pricing of each tool, as well as other aspects, and give each tool an overall editor’s rating for quick comparison. Top picks are given an editor’s choice designation.

    Sean Pour, co-founder of SellMax, actually uses a combination of Capterra, G2, and PCMag to choose software. He finds that each one provides a different perspective, giving him a holistic view of each tool he reviews. His barometer: “If all three say the product is good, I go for it. If one or more sites have conflicting opinions, I dig in and do more research to come to my own conclusions.”

    He used his combo technique to quickly select and implement a PM tool within his organisation, which resulted in a noticeable increase in productivity. “Using multiple sites for project management software reviews really saved me time in shortlisting and researching tools.”

    Software Advice

    Featured in The New York Times and TechCrunch, Software Advice is full of online project management software reviews. However, where Software Advice differs from some other review sites is in its focus on customer assistance. Most review sites are do-it-yourself (or DIY), where you do all the research and shortlisting, which can be time-consuming. Software Advice offers access to advisors who can help you shortlist vendors based on your criteria and needs, getting you from the consideration to selection stage faster.

    Software Advice includes over 300 products in its project management software category. You can filter this large selection by industry, user size, price, and rating. You can also further sort your filtered list by number of recommendations, number of reviews, average rating, and alphabet.


    Another site offering project management software reviews is TechnologyAdvice. It’s reviewed over 200 PM software vendors and included them all in its filterable list. Filter by average user review, pricing, and what size business the tools work best for—enterprise, mid-sized, small, or all of the above.

    One interesting feature here that isn’t found on some of the other review sites is its comparison tool. You can select two PM tools and compare them side by side, which can help you make the final choice. At a glance, you can compare ratings, number of reviews, price points, most applicable business sizes, and main features.


    If you’re looking to narrow down your options for PM tools quickly, FinancesOnline could work for you. While other sites may list hundreds of potential products in a given category, FinancesOnline provides a small roundup of project management software reviews—23 to be exact.

    Each tool has two scores: one determined by the site, and one based on user input. The site score is based on the weighted rating of nine aspects, such as functionality, collaboration features, and mobility. The user score is determined by the site’s behavior-based algorithm that considers customer reviews, comments, and opinions across social media, blogs, and other websites. You can sort the tool list by site score or user score.

    While only covers 10 PM tools, it provides in-depth reviews on the few tools it considers the “best.” The backstory: The staff at tested 10 PM tools for a week and picked five as the best ones that had broad applicability. Aspects they considered were ease of use, third-party integrations, reporting tools available, task management, and built-in communication features.

    For each of the five tools they chose, they provide detailed reasoning as to why they chose it, along with general pros and cons. They also label each tool as the best for a given aspect, such as best for beginners or best for visual thinkers.

    Hundreds of project management software reviews indicate Glasscubes as a top pick

    Glasscubes is your trusted, go-to solution for project management and collaboration. Why trusted? Check out Capterra’s review page of Glasscubes, which includes reviews from over 150 users who rate our solution 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    One user, Michelle M., shares how Glasscubes helped her team:

    I started to use Glasscubes a few years ago when our team started working on projects with colleagues based around the UK. My first real experience was working on producing a short online course with colleagues in Manchester. Glasscubes made it so much easier for us to get feedback on content quickly and we didn't have to worry about version control as Glasscubes clearly shows you the history of who has accessed what and when. Everyone in the team could see the same information and we knew what we were all working on was the most current and up-to-date content. It definitely made life a lot easier for us.

    Glasscubes also makes project management easier by giving team members the ability to:

    • Communicate practically anywhere through threaded discussions on the general message board, on specific files, on assigned tasks, or through instant messenger.

    Glasscubes is the perfect tool to help you manage your projects efficiently. But don’t take our word for it. Take Michelle’s—and the other 150+ reviewers on Capterra. Start your free trial of Glasscubes today.


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