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    Online Collaboration Tools for Travelling Smart

    on 8 August 2016


    Posted by Sam Abrahams
    Online collaboration tools

    Whether to meet with clients or partners, make a presentation to prospective investors or to attend an industry conference, business travel expenses will always like to reach high. Especially, small and mid-size businesses tend to suffer here as the best offers are reserved for the major corporations and their hefty booking capability.

    This means that as a startup or growing enterprise, any exciting opportunity to connect with the right people will have to be weighed up against the various costs involved – from airfare and accommodation to meals and lost working hours. Small businesses therefore have to be extra smart with how they manage their travel needs, and this means drawing on technology and smart solutions to keep projects running smoothly and expenses under control.

    How can an online collaboration tool save my business money?

    The beauty of Glasscubes is that it connects team members together fluidly, naturally and wherever they are. As an online collaboration tool, it will facilitate all your team’s interaction, allowing business travellers to stay completely active and in the loop. Sharing files is secure, with multiple uploads and version control ensuring that being away in Europe for a few days at a time has no negative impact on your project work.

    Equally, there won’t be any need for a company to spend on people’s working overtime or to bring in an extra hired hand while a key team member is on the road – Glasscubes as a collaboration tool makes certain that you can be anywhere in the world and remain connected and relevant. Need last-minute help with your presentation? Interact through Glasscubes to get the data, imagery and support you want.


    Project manage on the road

    As a business owner, you’ll be familiar with the anxiety of having to leave your team for days or weeks at a time. But with Glasscubes, you can tap into a comprehensive suite of project management tools to keep an eye on the latest project developments from your phone. You’ll be able to enter whichever project workspace you wish to work on or view, assign tasks, download and upload files, and organise schedules. All of this while either you or team members are away for business.


    What other cost-saving solutions are out there?

    Expense management apps are an accounting department’s best friend, making sure that company policy on expenses is clearly defined and accessible. Not only will you be able to live-monitor the expenditure of your business travellers, but by virtue of those business travellers being able to quickly and easily save all their expenses to the cloud, hours upon hours of time will be saved when it comes to permanently recording those expenses for tax purposes. You’ll also be able to retrospectively look at where spending was made and so make informed policy amendments.

    Also, the AccorHotel group offers a great way for small businesses to get the kind of deals that historically have been reserved for established big business. Their Away on Business app is aimed directly at SMEs, and offers vouchers and reduced rates on a huge range of destinations and 2–5 star hotels.

    Glasscubes is user-friendly collaboration software for businesses. Connect everyone that you work with in an online workspace that improves the way you share files, manage projects and communicate with each other.

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