• New look Glasscubes on it's way

    on 18 January 2010

    This weekend, we are going to be launching a new look Glasscubes designed to make using Glasscubes more intuitive, enjoyable and quicker.

    There are a few key changes within all accounts, however despite the new look and feel, no data, files or information have been lost.

    The key new elements are:

    • The Personal Tab has been removed
    • The Company tab has been split and merged with Personal to give you a Dashboard tab and a central Files repository
    • Cubes have been renamed Workspaces

    Where have the ‘Personal’ and ‘Company’ tabs gone?

    As ‘Personal’ was essentially a duplication of the dashboards you had in Company and Workspaces, we have combined this with the Company tab to give you a Dashboard.

    Your Dashboard contains the Calendar, Coffee Break, Announcements and general activity across the account, but only displays updates which may be relevant to the user.

    The Calendars are still in each Workspace, however in the Calendar in the Dashboard you can overlay the other calendars which might be of interest to you, giving you a very clear way of seeing things which are going on.

    What is the ‘Files’ section?

    One of the most common things in Glasscubes is the file and document management features. So, we figured as it was so popular, let’s make it more obvious. In there is a list of all your documents, both from your central ‘Company’ area and the Workspaces which you are a member of.

    At a glance you can upload, share, sort and view the documents rather than having to remember where you put them.

    We will be adding more features around this to make it even easier to use in the future.

    Creating and editing Workspaces

    You will see that when you create new Workspaces, you will be asked what you would like your workspace to contain so that you can have even more control over what you use.

    You can also edit the settings and what is included to add or remove features. Just click “Edit Workspace settings” in the Dashboard of your Workspace.




    New files tab


    New workspaces tab


    New Connect

    Posted by Rob Hallums