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    Michelin Star Project Management

    on 21 March 2016


    Posted by Sam Abrahams
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    There is no better place to study project management than in a Michelin star-awarded kitchen. Rock-solid teamwork and hundreds of tiny details combine to create a magnificent offering that has to be just right every single time.

    There is no room for error – even if the pressure during peak hours can be immense – which makes it imperative that all routines and processes are top-notch.

    You have 5-10 employees who all need to accomplish their specified tasks (prepping, cooking, adorning, serving) to successfully achieve the common goal (a satisfied guest). This is not unlike any other organisation; every business has component parts that need to run smoothly and with synchronicity in order to deliver an end product to the customer. The roles and product or service may be different, but the principles are the same.

    As with any company, all the staff need to work together to reach tight deadlines (depending on the size of the restaurant, often 50-100 deadlines a day!) and this requires an uncanny knack for project management. Even the simplest soup needs several people working together to make it a success. Chopping vegetables, cooking the broth, cleaning the cookware, completing the presentation, and finally serving. Each dish is a project in itself.

    They may not have a streamlined and efficient project management tool like Glasscubes, and the only cloud they experience is coming from the hot dishwasher, but still the kitchen and waiting team manage to complete their tasks to perfection. This requires the kind of pitch-perfect collaboration, trust and understanding that would ensure tremendous efficiency and reliability whatever the business.

    Rigid processes, a massive amount of planning and no little trial and error make this possible, in combination with great, passionate (and shouty, occasionally profane) leaders. Although it might be hard to implement a similar degree of intensity in a regular office, with the help of smart solutions we can at least emulate the essential principles at work; those of high-level teamwork and communication.

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