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    Internal Communication Software

    on 11 June 2020


    Posted by Kevin Senior
    internal communication software glasscubes

    Are you searching for internal communication software that will give your workforce the ability to collaborate seamlessly?

    See why organisations from numerous industries recommend Glasscubes for its ability to bring functional areas and project teams together, and keep them on the same page.

    On the reputable review site Capterra, users praise Glasscubes not only for helping them keep their teams organised and informed, but also for its breadth of functionality and ease of use.

    “Pound for pound, Glasscubes exceeds expectations, and I can only imagine it will get better.”

    Why choose Glasscubes as your internal communication software solution?

    • It fits into your current workflow. With Glasscubes, you can create as many unique workspaces as you want—one for each of your departments, projects, teams, and so on. Every workspace includes all the standard features Glasscubes offers. You can even remove certain features if desired. For example, you can create a workspace that acts as a member directory by turning off all other features, like file sharing and task management.
    • It has raved-about customer support. Even the best solutions require a little assistance here and there, whether because of an unknown error message or confusion about how a feature works. Whatever the case, Glasscubes support is always available to address customer concerns. “The personalised support [Glasscubes offers] is second to none.”
    • It goes beyond internal communication. Glasscubes lets you loop in clients as well as employees, which means you can also handle external communication. Plus, communication is only one part of the collaboration puzzle; collaboration involves a number of other aspects. In recognising this reality, the Glasscubes team created a solution with features that address multiple collaboration challenges—file sharing, task management, and more.

    Want to see what Glasscubes is like in action? Fill out this form to request a guided demo from our team.

    Not quite prepared to jump in just yet? Keep reading to see how Glasscubes helps overcome key internal communication challenges.

    Four Communication Challenges You Can Overcome With Internal Communication Software

    With 85% of employees considering effective internal communication a necessity for the workplace, it’s essential to use internal communication software that adequately addresses communication challenges like the ones below.

    1. What’s happening in the company?

    Getting the word out about company events and sharing company news can be a struggle. Employees walk past office bulletin boards. They leave emails unread in their already overcrowded inboxes. They may or may not pass any news on by word of mouth.

    With Glasscubes, you can ensure all your employees see important announcements, because what you share is shown across every workspace your workforce has created. Global announcements are shown until users dismiss them—plus you can track which users viewed them.

    2. What do employees think about company happenings?

    Sometimes it’s not enough to announce company news—you may also want to understand what your workforce thinks about what you’ve shared. Employee opinions can help identify potential issues and inform future decisions. (Tweet this!)

    Through threaded, social-like discussions, employees can chime in on the announcements you’ve made. Similar to social posts, users can “like,” comment, and mention others.

    3. How do employees feel about working at your organisation?

    Listening to employees is an important aspect of employee engagement. You can collect employee feedback in a more formal manner than threaded discussions—try integrated forms or polls.

    Form workflows enable you to create and share forms with users, and keep track of their responses. With polls, you can get quick feedback from employees at the workspace level. For example, you may want to gauge your department’s sentiment about a potential policy change.

    4. What’s the status of project deliverables?

    When your team is working on a project, one lagging deliverable can put the whole project behind schedule. Glasscubes has task management features you can use to stay on track. It also lets team members use threaded discussions to converse about issues relating to specific deliverables.

    Whatever your internal communication challenge, Glasscubes can solve it.

    Glasscubes is more than internal communication software—it’s a collaboration hub that brings your teams, departments, and other work groups together in one centralised location. Communicate efficiently through threaded discussions. Ensure everyone is on track for success with clearly assigned and trackable tasks. Get notifications for items that require your attention. Plus, share files with key stakeholders—from teammates to clients to vendors.

    Get a solution that sets a new standard for internal communication software. Start your free trial of Glasscubes today.