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    How Do You Know if a Website is Secure?

    on 14 February 2017


    Posted by Spencer Abel
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    Data management is critical to today’s business. At Glasscubes we insist on cutting-edge security for all our customers. But what additional security practices could you be putting in place in order to ensure that your personal and professional data is not compromised?

    On the next stroll to your local café take a look at how many people have little pieces of tape over their laptop cameras. The trend has been growing slowly ever since a picture of Mark Zuckerberg’s computer circulated the web with a little piece of tape over the camera. But is all this unjustified paranoia or does it actually have merit? To answer this question, we have to take a look at what we know for certain.

    Millions of people in the UK had valuable information stolen in 2016. Three Mobile, Tesco Bank, and Yahoo were just a few of the many companies that were hacked this past year. As a result, sensitive customer data could have been accessed. This data can be bought and sold and used for hacking purposes.

    How do you know if a website is secure?

    A couple of things can be done to arm yourself against individual and website hacks. One of the most important and simplest things that can be done is to check that the site you’re sharing your data with is secure. If you’re using Google Chrome you’ll see a little lock next to the web address of each page. This means that your information is private and encrypted, though is still susceptible to being hacked. If a site has not been awarded a security certificate from Google, it’s recommended not to store sensitive data on that website.

    Also, you should never reuse a password. When your data becomes compromised, hackers can find your password, and then target other more valuable sites that you use and attempt to use that password in order to hack into your bank accounts or computer. If you can’t keep up with all your passwords, you can them all in a secure program such as KeePass.

    However, just because you’ve learned how to protect personal data doesn’t mean that you’ve safeguarded against voyeurs. When asked why one doesn’t tape their camera they’ll most likely respond that they have no reason to be hacked.

    Well for one, photos or videos taken with the use of your camera could be used to blackmail you into paying off hackers. Personal photos or videos may be sold off to third-parties. Perhaps someone might hack into your camera for the same reason that they’ll peak in through your window. For those who are on the fence as to whether they should tape their camera consider why we close the curtains in our home.

    If you’re willing to cover up your camera you, should also consider disabling or covering up your microphone…. if you can find it. Closing the portal your mic opens between you and the outside world isn’t as easy to neutralise as it is with your camera. Start off by setting the volume input on your computer to zero. Download the program Micro Snitch, in order to detect when your mic has become active without your consent. Alternatively, if you’re worried about a hack and feeling brave, you can always remove the hardware from your computer. Just be sure to watch a few YouTube videos before you start probing around the inner workings of your computer.

    Business owners with money at their disposal are the most likely targets of hackers. Keep that bullseye off you by taping up your camera as well as your microphone. Implementing the aforementioned advice while also using encrypted online collaboration software is the safest way to keep your personal and company data safe.

    Glasscubes employees world-class, fully accredited security systems to ensure that ALL our customers receive the very best in state-of-the-art online security and offsite backups. Data is critical, and at Glasscubes we recognise that.

    If you’d like more information on how a smart online collaboration software can benefit your business, speak to one of our advisors today.

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