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    How Best to Handle the Knowledge Gaps in Your Team?

    on 23 May 2017


    Posted by Franklin Williams-Smith
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    Successful companies are often in the business of innovation. They may not jump at every shiny new toy that crosses their radar (although some certainly do!), but successful business leaders are always on the lookout for a new tool that will improve productivity and streamline workflow.

    This isn’t news – companies have always searched for better and faster and more efficient, and that’s a good thing, since technological innovation has become a vital driving force in the world economy.

    But how do you handle varying levels of technological competency within your organisation? Perhaps there’s a bit of a generation gap, or maybe it’s just a case of your top salesman really wanting to keep his old trusted phone and that beat-up spiral notebook… but at some point, you will run into people who are valuable to your company, but that find themselves overwhelmed by all the new toys that come out.

    Fortunately, the newest developments in team collaboration software and communication platforms are more intuitive than some might suspect. Teamwork solutions like Glasscubes have helped business move beyond the email and the phone call. There are interfaces now for conference calling. An infrastructure for better project management allows for rapid access to support and service. Advances in cloud computing and online collaboration allow work that needs to be changed to be updated in real time with immediate updates to all of a project’s stakeholders.

    However, it’s important to remember that Glasscubes software isn’t put in place just to add more work. To the contrary, Glasscubes really does streamline workflow. And for those who may be a bit lower on the super-geek spectrum, there’s no need to panic – we pride ourselves on Glassubes being nothing if not wholly intuitive to even the most tech-phobic of users. Imagine a single interface that incorporates email, instant messages, news feeds, offline file syncing and conference calling all together – just like that, a range of separate useful tools become a single essential one. No confusing pop-up windows, no switching between applications to carry on work conversations… just one simple interface that manages all of your business communication. Imagine being able to open a project, and not only being able to see the changes your team makes in real time, but also being able to communicate freely where everyone’s input is instantly available. Glasscubes really can make tasks go more smoothly and efficiently.

    Still, it’s not enough to just implement some technology solution and turn it loose. To make these tools effective, there needs to be appropriate support and clear processes in place. Everyone needs to know the rules of the game if they’re going to play well together.

    And if there is a wide range of technological expertise within the company, there needs to be a commitment to adoption of the new improved solution. Make sure that expectations are clear to the point of transparency. Perhaps implement a reward system that encourages valuable collaboration between the tech wizards and the tech newbies. Encourage the open sharing of knowledge and information – experience that is compartmentalized into silos should be distributed for maximum benefit. There’s little point in having all the benefits of Glasscubes available to the whole team if some of those team members fail to break with old habits and end up using email for some of their project-focused conversations!

    There will always be those who are not as oriented toward all things technological, and there will always be those for whom technology is almost innate, as though they were born with a computer keyboard under their fingers. Those with technological expertise owe it to their co-workers to share their knowledge and help each other however they can. But the reverse is also true: there is guaranteed to be some experience or wisdom or esoteric information that the tech novice has that no one else does. They, too, have the responsibility to share what they know to the benefit of the team as a whole. And what better way to share knowledge than within a single, accessible space for everyone on the team? Communication hasto be intuitive, transparent and equal or teams will suffer. 

    Fortunately, this kind of knowledge sharing and information gathering has never been easier. Collaboration tools, project management software, cloud storage, information sharing– all of these advances are specifically designed to facilitate the easy sharing and distribution of knowledge, data, and information. And when these tools are used to their fullest extent, we can be sure that the engine of creative collaboration is firing on all cylinders. 

    Glasscubes is a user-friendly collaboration software for teams. Connect everyone that you work with in an online workspace that improves the way you share files, manage projects and communicate with each other.

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