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    Great Ways to Improve Your Home Office

    on 4 July 2018


    Posted by Sam Abrahams

    If you’re tired of balancing your laptop precariously on your knees while perched on the sofa or are finding it increasingly difficult to find an uncluttered spot at the dining room table it could be time to move into your own home office.

    As a remote worker you will need space (and peace and quiet) to interface with colleagues, online collaboration plays a huge part in the successful completion of projects. You need to be able to access information, share ideas and complete tasks in an orderly fashion. Working alone can be challenging, we all crave a touch of human interaction from time to time, create a comfortable and functional space where you can interface and enjoy online collaboration with your colleagues, suppliers and clients.

    Time for A Sort Out

    Found a space you can call your own? Super, then let’s make a few improvements to ensure you have a home office that’s comfortable, inspirational and a purposeful place to work from. You don’t have to spend days renovating your little room, you’re meant to be working not trying out swatches of wallpaper and endless tester pots in various shades of magnolia. However, you can make a few little tweaks to improve the look and feel of your workspace. First off remove any clutter – mess is not conducive to clear thoughts, it’s time to get organised. Bin any useless stuff (shred personal paperwork as you don’t want it getting into the wrong hands) and arrange you space so it feels calm and orderly.

    Clean Up Your Act

    Give surfaces such as your desk and bookshelves a good clean (do the same for soft furnishings such as carpets and curtains). You will be surprised how much more productive you will feel working in a fresh and shipshape area that’s airy and welcoming.

    Light It Up

    Lighting is important in any room, even more so in your office space where you may be poring over paperwork or tapping away on your laptop until the wee hours. Allow as much natural light to flood in as possible by cleaning windows and removing overly heavy nets or curtains.

    Go Green

    Pot-plants are a nice addition to any office area, they look good and add oxygen to your atmosphere. If you’re fortunate enough to overlook a garden or green space make the most of it and open the windows or doors to let the outside in.

    Listen In

    Music can increase productivity levels, boost creativity and improve memory (although it’s not for everyone, some find music to be a distraction and prefer peace and quiet over melodic compositions). If you work better when listening to a tune choose your music wisely. A pumping base might give you a headache rather than inspiration! If you are just working your way through mundane tasks upbeat music could help to see you through, but if you want to get those creative juices flowing relaxing music could be more suitable.

    Minimise Distractions

    Of course, you need your gadgets and gizmos when running a business from home, no-one expects you to work without your laptop of mobile phone. But if you find yourself drifting onto social media or browsing e-mails every few minutes it could be time to disconnect and focus on the job in hand.

    Take a Break

    All work and no play doesn’t make for a productive day. Take regular short breaks, this will give you time to refresh your brain and power yourself up ready to face your next challenge. Make your home office comfortable enough to relax in when you are taking five minutes, but not too restful – you don’t want to drop off when you should be beavering away! 

    Make Your Space Work for You

    Do you often come up with good ideas but are left scratching around the office looking for a pen and somewhere to note them down? The notion of putting everything straight into one of your many gadgets may be tempting but sometimes it’s just quicker (and easier) to make a quick note. Treat yourself to some funky stationery (folders, pads, pens etc) and keep all the essentials to hand.

    The main point of a home office? To make sure the space works for you, you should feel relaxed and inspired when you enter, be able to get down to some serious work, and leave feeling accomplished.