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    Fixing a Broken Team, Conflict Resolution Methods for Project Managers

    on 20 June 2016

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams
    Can online collaboration tools fix a broken team

    Let’s set the scene. You’ve just been made project manager, it’s an exciting new challenge. You’ll be responsible for meeting important deadlines, training your team on the new online collaboration tools, and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

    That’s what your job description reads like, only Mary and Josh are having a disagreement on how to move a subproject forward, and while you feel qualified to run people through the new software, no one ever really told you that you’d also be acting as a life coach.

    Just like a healthy relationship, when people work in teams, disagreements can occur and, if not resolved, can turn into serious conflict – sometimes to the detriment of the project.

    You’ve got the project basics down, but now you’re going to have to step in before Mary asks to be reassigned to a different team. Heavy.

    Here are some measures you can take to get everyone on board before your project turns into the Titanic.

    Listen and learn

    If you agree with Mary then Josh must be wrong – not necessarily: listen to both parties before making any decisions. Both team members may have valid points, resolving conflict is often about finding middle ground. It could well be that the project will take new, and in many cases, creative directions when you listen to your team and implement ideas born out of conflict.

    Praise where praise is due

    It might seem like our model team members Josh and Mary are detracting from the project, but don’t be too quick to judge. In-house fighting can also mean that your team are dedicated to the work they’re doing. It’s important to regularly praise your peers and staff for the hard work they’ve contributed to the project.

    Jack is not a dull boy

    Work can’t all be about work. There’s more than one kind of team. Get yours out on the field; any communal sport can really help bring people together, especially when deadlines loom and stresses are elevated. There are many benefits of getting your team out of the office. Having fun – that’s one, another is exercise – and another lies in the power of bringing people together.

    Online collaboration tools are making it easier to achieve deadlines and meet client demands. Communication has also been vastly improved with easy-to-use chats, visible task appointments and notes. Conflicts, however, are here to stay. The key is in resolving issues in ways that benefit the team as a whole as this will also improve your end result. Josh and Mary will also thank you for it.

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