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    First Impressions Count: Modern On Boarding That Engages New Starters

    on 13 June 2018


    Posted by Kevin Senior
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    For anyone who’s recently started a new job, you’ll know how hard it can be to hit the ground running. Most organisations have Policies and Procedure manuals, but where are they? Even if you are given the ‘blue manual’ on your first day, it’s probably out of date. (Why is it always a blue manual?) . Chances are, too, no-one has remembered that you need access to the new laptop that came with your new job, and that IT person is on holiday today.

    If you’re a Manager too, onboarding a new employee can be time consuming; especially if you have to do it over and over again. So you’re rushing around getting bits of information together. Every. Single. Time. Because it is never all in the same place, or someone borrowed the latest copy.

    How would it be, if you had a secure workspace online, where the new starter could go to find out everything they need to know to get cracking, with minimal input from you? Leaving you to introduce the new person to key people, secure in the knowledge that they already has access to all the key information they need about your company. It would be more professional, less messy and more productive.

    Here’s how.

    One Workspace

    The starting point for this is to create a template workspace containing all the generic information a new starter needs to know. Including:

    • HR handbooks
    • IT information
    • Health and Safety
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Organisation charts
    • Office locations
    • Frequently Asked Questions about your organisation

    Then, for each new starter, use this template to create a unique workspace which allows them to access this information with the addition of any specific information they need.

    This will be even easier, if this information is already online and easily accessible from one location. It will also be easier to keep it up to date.

    Once your new starter arrives, they can easily be assigned their workspace to begin their familiarisation process about your company. If they’re keen, they could even begin this before they actually start.

    Welcome Information

    A short introduction to the relevant team is a great way to make a new starter feel welcome. Feeling welcome is the first step towards helping them become a productive member of your team. This could also sign post them towards what they can find in the workspace, and what they might find most useful to start with.

    Other information you could include might be information about key people they should know about, locations and how to access their telephone numbers. If you really want to help your new starter get up to speed, include photos and some information about these people too e.g. their role and what they can help you with.

    This introduction could be a letter or even a welcome video from the MD etc.

    Perhaps you could also include details of a ‘buddy’; someone who has been assigned to help them through their first few weeks.

    Specific Tasks

    You’ll probably want them to do specific things as soon as possible, so an initial task list will be helpful. This could include things like:

    • New starter familiarisation tasks e.g. meet John Smith, Manager of Sales SE
    • Attend milestone review for 'Project Wildfire'
    • Familiarise yourself with Glasscubes processes for Project Management

    By having this ready in your new starter’s workspace, you will enable them to get going more quickly. It will help you have quality discussions with them about strategy and future work, rather than spending time discussing admin.

    Where To Go For Help

    Chances are, you won’t be able to predict every possible question a new starter will have. Offering online support for non-urgent queries will save everyone time. 

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). For example – good places to have lunch, where the coffee machine is, how to get IT support, where HR are located, access to stationary etc.
    • A personal forum for non-urgent queries. Here, a new starter can confidentially ask questions not appearing in FAQ that they don’t need an immediate answer to. These questions can then even be added to FAQ as anonymised questions with the relevant answer.

    To make this work effectively, the new starter’s Manager and an assigned person from HR would also have access and be able to confidentially answer their queries quickly and effectively, without interrupting the flow of work.


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