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    Email integration for Glasscubes notifications

    on 11 May 2010
    Posted by Wayne Pope

    We love this new addition to Glasscubes and we think you'll find it really useful - integration with email.

    In the past when Glasscubes sent a notification email - for example someone commented on a document you were working on - you would need to click on the link provided and make you reply on Glasscubes. This was ok but it was a couple of extra clicks that we've now reduced this to save you more time!

    Now when you get a notification - you can simply reply to the email in your email client. Glasscubes will automatically insert your reply in the good place and email directly the person who first notified you. This fits much more in the natural flow of email exchanges most people are used to. But unlike email because we keep everything centrally everyone else in your team can see what's going on and find it later on if need be.

    Another great improvement is the ability to attach a file to comments, notes, polls, or discussion - for example this is convenient when you are having a discussion around a design and you want to emphasis your point with an image or document.

    Simply click on the 'Add attachment' link and select the file you want.

    Here you can see the file (an image in this example) attached to the comment. You can click on the file and you will be taken to the file details where you can do everything you normal can do. Where are they stored? Well we automatically create a folder in your workspace called 'Comment Attachments' , in there you'll find all files uploaded as part of comments, discussion, etc.


    We hope you find this useful.