• Edit files online using Glasscubes online editor

    on 3 November 2009

    Normally my blog posts are about industry, working smarter and online marketing. I'm getting pretty good feedback too, but today I wanted to be a little more self indulgent because we finally cracked a couple of major development features in Glasscubes that I really want to raise the roof about because I'm so happy we have them... and the big one today is that you can now edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents online in Glasscubes (including 2007).

    For our users, for me, for anybody who wants to collaborate, being able to edit documents online without needing to download or install anything. We've teamed up with Zoho to offer online editing for Word documents (including 2007) and Excel spreadsheets (again, including 2007). It's so easy too. You just find the document that you want to edit, click on the "Edit document online" button and away you go.

    Fully featured up

    All of the features you would expect are there and you can export the documents or spreadsheets in whatever format you want. When you save and close it, it creates a new version just as you would expect. The best thing of all though is that you don't have to have an Office license to be able to use it so you can save yourself a fortune and allow anybody to collaborate!

    It's disappointing that it takes so little time to explain it, but it's such a vital but simple system, it needs no more. We'll be allowing more file types for editing in due course but I've been using it non-stop since.

    Posted by Rob Hallums