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    Document management online - Google Docs in Glasscubes

    on 10 September 2010
    Posted by Wayne P.

    As of today we've made live our integration with Google documents. This means that you can link to Google documents right within your Glasscubes account, so no matter what files you need to reference and work together on , whether its an Excel file, Google document, images etc - your online collaboration just got better within Glasscubes!. So how does it work? There's now a new button in the Tool bar under documents:



    Document Management Online

    For the first time you do this , you'll be redirected back to your Google account and asked if you give Glasscubes permission to access the documents, once you have done that you'll be redirected Glasscubes and the below pop woll be displayed with all your documents. (Please note there's a warning message that we'll get ironed out in the next couple of days.)




    Then simply click on the document you want; you can select more than one document if you want simply by click on it (to de-select just click it again). Then just click the Attach button and you're done!



    One thing we'd like to make clear to you is the permissions - we don't change the Google permissions, so please make sure that whoever you share the document with that you have given them permission within Google docs.