How Can We Help With Document Management?

Glasscubes gives you a secure online environment to store and share documents. It puts you in control and gives your users the confidence that they have access to latest, most accurate information. It also makes the otherwise lengthy and frustrating process of getting documents approved, quick and easy.

Document Approval

Getting a document approved can be time consuming and disruptive for both parties. For the person seeking approval, it often involves locating and chasing the approver, which can be awkward especially if they are in a senior position. For the approver it can be an annoyance and there’s no way of recording the feedback to their decision for audit purposes. Glasscubes makes the process quick and easy for everyone:

  • You can easily distribute documents for approval regardless of the approver’s location.
  • An announcement is prominently displayed on the approver’s account to make sure they are reminded, without feeling pestered.
  • It’s just a single click to either accept or reject the document.
  • Approvers have an opportunity to give immediate feedback and then add these comments to their decision for auditing purposes.
  • Everyone can instantly see who’s responded and their decision.


Document and File Sharing

  • Store files up to 10GB in size and then share them without the restrictions of email.
  • Share any file type including images, videos, databases and HTML.
  • Create whiteboards for quick brainstorming sessions and then export their content.
  • Choose how you share files, use a password protected secure URL or through a secure workspace with a simple log in.


Version Control

  • Document version control guarantees that the documents you share remain accurate.
  • Previous document versions are archived but can still be accessed for audit purposes.
  • Lock documents as you edit them to ensure other users can’t modify them at the same time.
  • A central area to collaborate on documents, make suggestions and agree changes.


Online Document Editing 

  • Edit any Microsoft Office or OpenOffice document online. This is ideal for users that need to modify documents using smart devices that don’t have document editing software installed.
  • Our editor allows users to edit documents from computers without Office licences.
  • It’s ideal for making quick changes to a document without the necessity to download, edit, save and upload the document again.


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