• Your Document Collaboration Tool Needs These 7 Features

    on 18 July 2019

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    Your Document Collaboration Tool Needs These 7 Features

    Today’s workplace is more collaborative than ever. Remote teams are sharing files with and seeking input from their teammates and clients across the globe. You want to capture that input with minimal friction to avoid losing important information and avoid aggravating the people involved.

    That’s why whether you’re communicating changes in real-time or asynchronously, effective team document collaboration is a necessity.

    What is document collaboration?

    Document collaboration is the process by which multiple people work together to create a single document. Those people may include your boss, teammates, clients, vendors, or some combination thereof. The document could be as simple as a one-page flyer or as complex as a 100-page user guide. In any case, document collaboration has evolved to include collaborative document editing tools that help people work on documents together more efficiently. (Tweet this!)

    If you’re looking for such a tool, it needs to have several features. We explore those below.

    7 Must-Have Features in a Document Collaboration Tool

    1. Sharing

    They say that sharing is caring, and that’s certainly true for collaborative documentation. The last thing you want is an important document stuck somewhere in a long email chain. Your document collaboration tool needs to make it easy to share (and store) files for quick access to all relevant parties.

    2. Version Control

    Nothing is worse than spending hours working on the wrong version of a file. It leads to angry teammates, frustrated clients, and unnecessary rework. The tool you choose should have automatic version control for uploaded files to avoid this age-old business mishap. Extra points if it also has a check-out feature that can lock the document for editing and preserve its current state.

    Never again have to guess whether you’re editing the right version. Glasscubes always shows the latest & greatest. Start your free trial today.

    3. Discussion

    Truly collaborative document management requires communicating with other contributors. For example, you may need to ask questions before making changes. A good document collaboration tool has threaded discussions attached to the file to ensure everyone is on the same page.

    4. Co-Authoring

    While you may often make edits to a document on your own, it’s sometimes necessary to edit with other contributors simultaneously. For great team document collaboration, pick a tool that has either built-in coauthoring or integrates with a widely used product that has this feature.

    5. Approvals

    Whether for regulatory concerns or for just good document housekeeping, you may need to have some documents be approved. A robust document collaboration tool will enable you to create an approval workflow for your team so you can easily have your boss (or client) sign off digitally.

    6. Notifications

    Making sure all the right people are included in the CC field can be downright annoying when you’re trying to alert them to a new file or file version. If you missed one person, you have to email them separately and create a whole different chain. You can avoid all this with a tool that automatically notifies assigned users to file changes or other actions taken on the file.

    7. Security

    Security is a point that’s often missed with document sharing and online collaboration in general. Information is often sensitive or not relevant to everyone in your organisation. You may want to limit visibility or access to a document to a department or to just your team. Thus, your document collaboration tool needs to be able to limit access to files. For example, it could enable user-based authorisation, where only assigned users would be able to see and/or make changes to a file.

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    With Glasscubes, you can:

    • Store and share files in a secure location, complete with automatic version control. You can even create approval workflows and view clear audit trails of user actions.

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