• Creative Ways to Get Your Team Collaborating Better

    on 5 December 2017


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    A team that works well together has a far greater chance of achieving success. Well, pretty much everyone already knows this, so why doesn’t it always happen?

    In some cases, it could be that the people in charge of the company simply don’t put enough time and effort into making this happen. If you want to have a team that collaborates as well as possible then there are some creative ways of doing so that should be taken into account. 

    Go On Team Building Days

    It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to send their staff out on team building days to get them to bond. In many cases, the activities that they carry out have nothing to do with the company or their industry. You can send them on a treasure hunt, on a skiing trip, on a rafting expedition or on any other sort of group adventure that you can find for them. Often, they will learn valuable tips about team collaborating while having fun in a stimulating setting. There is certainly no need for team building events to be boring and stale these days. Getting out of the office to do something completely different can work wonders in getting everyone to understand the power of teamwork. 

    Create Fun Competitions and Targets

    Setting targets and running competitions has long been a popular way of stimulating staff into producing better results. Yet, too often this is something that is done on an individual level. It can be far better to set this up with teamwork in mind. This means creating the goals with group achievements as the main element to be measured. 

    This sort of activity can really build up a buzz in the company as people push each other on in an attempt to claim the prizes. It is important to make the targets that you set stretching but achievable. Regular updates and a variety of tempting prizes should ensure that everyone gets excited as the days pass and the team finds itself closer to the targets.  

    Ditch the Email

    Email revolutionised communication, personally and in the workplace. But how often do you email friends nowadays versus alternative platforms and apps? Well, organisations big and small have also now recognised that email is rapidly becoming an archaic form of communication for busy, effective teams.

    Imagine relying on email when you need to track down a key nugget of information from months earlier, when you weren’t even in the conversation. Team collaboration software like Glasscubes facilitates slick, efficient exchange of data and ideas. It’s safer, intuitive, and you’ll find that nugget exactly whenever you need it. 

    Encourage Group Discussions

    Does everyone in your team tend to work in isolation? This is a common sight in buildings all around the world, as everyone beavers away on their own stuff while oblivious to everything else going on around them. You can improve matters by facilitating positive, constructive group discussion. 

    This can lead to big business ideas coming together, as people work in a group to find answers to common problems. Using a team collaboration solution like Glasscubes also means that they can all see more clearly what everyone is doing and how it all fits together. 

    It can be a good idea to set these up as formal discussions with a moderator at first, to keep them on track and to stop the best ideas from being missed. Over time you may feel more confident about letting the team just get on with it and report back with their findings. 

    Give Them Bigger Challenges

    A lot of workers respond positively to tough challenges.

    If you give them something to sink their teeth into then you might be delighted at how they rise to the challenge. The biggest problem in doing this is likely to be in getting them to work together to meet these challenges. If the company hasn’t worked hard to foster solid team collaboration in the past then each team member may go off to try and solve the problems on their own. Therefore, the first issue to address may be how to get them all to approach these challenges at a team rather than individually. If you can do this then you will start to feel a lot more confident about sorting out the immediate issues as well as forging ahead in the future.


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    Posted by Kirby Stewart