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Creating a new workspace

Click on the “Workspace” tab that’s found on the main navigation bar of your account and a menu will drop down.

Click the "Create a new Workspace" button.


The first step is to give your workspace a name and then click on the 'Next' button.


Now you can select the features that you want in the workspace; simply check (or uncheck) the relevant boxes. We strongly recommend removing any functionality that you don’t need to keep the workspace as simple for users to navigate around as possible. You can change these settings at any time by clicking on the workspace “Settings” link.

Now you have the option to either just create the workspace and start adding content to it, or you click on the “Create Workspace, then add some people” button. If this is the first workspace you are creating, we suggest you click on “Create Workspace, then add some people”, it’s the quickest way of getting setup. Here’s some more information on adding members to a workspace.

Once the workspace is created you will be directed to its summary page (if you unchecked the “Summary” option you will be directed to the first feature that you selected from the list).