• Cloud-Based Document Management: Definition & Must-Have Features

    on 25 November 2019


    Cloud Based Document Management Definition Must Have Features

    For many people, the term “document management” conjures up memories of rows and rows of filing cabinets, each filled with hundreds of records and sensitive materials your team had to keep organised and secure day to day.

    While records organisation and security are still important concepts, the standard medium for accomplishing this has modernised in the form of cloud-based document management. (Tweet this!)

    What is cloud content management?

    David White, senior project manager at Best Response Media, defines the term:

    “Cloud content management, or cloud-based document management, is the process of tracking, storing, organising, and controlling files in the cloud. These files can be easily accessed from any location and may contain organisational secrets, confidential data, and sensitive information.”

    Olivia Montgomery of Software Advice adds that tools in the document management space have become more robust in recent years, with cloud file management solutions incorporating features that facilitate greater collaboration between users. “These features enable multiple team members to share files, work on shared documents, and communicate within the same platform, thus changing the way teams work together.”

    If you’re in the market for a cloud document management solution, make sure it includes the four features below. Without them, the solution isn’t likely to check all the boxes required for a system to be valuable and secure.

    4 Key Software Features For Cloud-Based Document Management

    1. Intelligent Search

    Drumev says the ability to search your documents is a must, with all relevant company files indexed and categorised so teams can quickly find what they need, when they need it. “This means they can spend more time and effort on the task at hand.”

    One key differentiator in search features: the ability to search not only document titles but also the content of documents. Many times you may know what’s in the document but not necessarily its exact name.

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    2. Mobility

    Montgomery notes the recent emergence of mobile document management solutions since smartphones have become commonplace. A decade ago, it was unimaginable that companies could create and edit documents on mobile devices. “Today, the widespread prevalence of smartphone and tablet technology has led many document management software vendors to offer mobile apps that enable users to access and edit content from a variety of devices.”

    3. Security

    As with any digital solution, your cloud file management solution needs to be as secure as possible. Unlike physical filing cabinets, you can’t exactly have a guard at the door and a lock on the cabinet—at least not literally. “You need digital security measures such as multi-factor authentication to verify users’ identities before granting them access. It’s also important that the system run on secure infrastructure such as AWS or Azure,” explains Drumev.

    Paige Starchok of Kyocera Document Solutions adds that data stored within the cloud-based software you choose should be managed by a stable, reputable provider that has disaster recovery policies in place, and maintains their servers in a secure, distributed environment to mitigate data loss.

    4. Customisation

    Most solutions for cloud-based document management comes with standard features that address common needs teams face in their day-to-day workflows. However, what makes the best cloud document management solutions stand out is their customisation capabilities. “A great plus is the ability to create an adaptable document management environment that works specifically for your organisation’s needs,” says Starchok.

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    Posted by Gabby Shultis