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    Answered: 3 FAQs About Client Portal Apps

    on 29 April 2019

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    Posted by Brandon Hastings
    Answered 3 FAQs About Client Portal Apps2

    Technology is changing the way companies interact with clients. Rather than relying on the occasional communication via phone or email, you can now utilise a range of tech tools to give your clients timely updates, transmit important files, and further develop the client relationship—all through secure channels.

    Client portal software has the ability to satisfy all these expectations, allowing you to provide a professional and organised client communication experience. So what is a client portal app and how is it used? Keep reading to find out.

    What is a client portal app?

    Also known as a customer web portal or extranet, a client portal app is a digital gateway between your organisation and a client’s organisation. The portal is the medium by which your team and the client’s team can communicate and share files and information with one another in a centralised location. A good customer web portal provides a secure, transparent environment and minimises the need for multiple tools to collaborate effectively. (Tweet this!)

    Nearly every type of organisation can benefit from using client portal software. For example, if you’re an advertising agency, you can use a client portal app to keep each client updated about the status of campaigns in progress, easily share images and documents, and trade feedback on ad copy. In addition, instead of using one-off file-transfer sites for large media files, you can simply upload them to your online document portal.

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    What can you do with client portals?

    Share files and information securely.

    Because it serves as a central sharing location, a client portal app is a convenient way to stay connected with your clients. Clients can access the files they need whenever they want. In addition, if the solution has automatic version control as part of file sharing, clients will always have access to the most up-to-date documents.

    Control is also a factor, as you may not want the entire client team (or yours for that matter) having access to every file. A robust client portal solution should have the functionality to assign access privileges. And on the backend, data should be encrypted both in transmission and while at rest.

    Communicate in context.

    Whether on the general message board or a shared file, client portal users can add threaded comments to retain context about what’s being discussed. There’s also an instant messaging capability for team members to chat with one another one on one.

    Track tasks easily.

    Who’s doing what? When are things due? Answering these questions is a lot easier using a client portal app with project management capabilities. A to-do list for both your team and the client’s helps keep everyone accountable and on-track, and ensures action items don’t get lost in the daily shuffle. You could get clients used to task tracking by assigning them simple tasks during their onboarding—e.g., “Watch product video” or “Submit feedback form.”

    Build your client relationship through branding.

    Some client portal apps let you customise the portal’s visual elements to reflect your organisation’s branding. This way, the client receives a consistent experience and isn’t continually exposed to branding from the client portal vendor. You may even choose to co-brand your client portal with the client’s branding to underscore your collaboration with one another.

    How can you maximise the value of a client portal?

    • DO clearly identify and communicate to both clients and staff the value of putting a client portal in place. Your employees and your clients need to understand the mutual benefit of implementing the technology to ensure adoption.

    • DO clearly define the information flow and guidelines between your team and the client team.

    • DO ensure that whatever technology you implement is easy to use. It should require little to no training and be easily accessible so people will actually use it (and use it correctly).

    • DON’T overwhelm the portal with files or information unrelated to the work your teams do.

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