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  • Give your workspaces a unique feel

    If you are an Administrator or Workspace Owner you can add a customised welcome header to your workspaces.

    It’s a great way to give your workspace a distinct look and feel, and perfect if you want to brand extranet portals for clients or partners.  You can add images, links, a welcome message and contact details, in fact anything that makes it instantly recognisable and informative to users. More

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 19 June 2014

    Glasscubes helps McLane to Work Better Together

    “…..Glasscubes is ideal for collaboration and coordination across a large number of people and departments…..”

    Background: McLane is a highly successful $34 billion supply chain services company, providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions for thousands of convenience stores, mass merchants, drug stores and military locations, as well as thousands of chain restaurants throughout the United States.   

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 28 May 2014


    The sensible alternative to SharePoint

    SharePoint is designed for big businesses, with thousands of users and huge IT budgets. When applied correctly, it’s an extremely powerful tool, however all too often it fails to live up to its promises. Glasscubes is for businesses with more sense than money. A simple and secure, cloud based collaboration platform that helps you “work better together”. Open a free account and start using Glasscubes as a SharePoint alternative today.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 1 May 2014


    Visibility and control over shared files

    The “Share this file” feature has been one of our most popular for some time. It allows users to share both files and folders with people that don’t have access to Glasscubes by simply sending them a secure, password protected link. It’s especially useful if you need to share large files, that can’t be distributed by email (up to 10GB each).

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 28 April 2014

    The best alternative to Huddle

    Glasscubes is for businesses with more sense than money. Our customers pay at least 80% less than Huddle customers. And, if for any reason a project comes to an end halfway through the year and you need to scale back – it’s not a problem; remember no annual contract. Read more

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 3 April 2014


    Make Glasscubes your own – 100% branding now available as standard

    Brand your Glasscubes account the way you want it. As well as your logo and colours you can now totally customise all communication and notifications as standard. Promote Glasscubes as your own value-added collaboration tool to customers, partners and external users.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 9 October 2013

    Here’s a handy feature that’ll save you time!

    Attach documents, set up tasks or make announcements in Glasscubes directly from your email. It’s as simple as forwarding the file, task or announcement to the unique email address associated with the relevant area within your Workspace. This can be found above the text box that you would normally enter the text into to upload a file, set a task or make an announcement.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 25 September 2013

    New product feature – Upload folders

    Do you have multiple folders that you’d like to upload to your Glasscubes account? We have just developed our folder uploader. This handy tool will quickly and easily upload all of the files and folders you need while maintaining the original hierarchical structure.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 30 August 2013

    New Max 100 Account

    Would you like a Glasscubes account with full product features, unlimited workspaces and for free. Well now you can with our new Max 100 Account! No credit card, no contract and no hidden fees. Sign up for your free Glasscubes account today just visit

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 15 August 2013

    Glasscubes FREE conference calling service

    Did you know that Glasscubes comes with a free conference calling service? It's built in as standard and really simple to use. It's also instantly available, with no booking, no billing and no fuss! Sign up and start calling immediately. You can make unlimited conference calls for free and only pay the cost of a 0844 call; which is just added to your regular phone bill. The charges are low cost so you will be saving your company money.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 8 August 2013

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