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  • Русский язык Intranet

    A quick update - Glasscubes is now available in the Russian language as well. You can select this from the language drop down under your profile.

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    Posted by Wayne on 9 February 2013

    Customized Workspace Logo

    Something thats been available since Christmas has been the ability to upload a custom logo for individual Workspaces. This means that you could for example add a customers logo if you have a workspace that you share and send each other files etc.

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    Posted by Jamie B on 18 January 2013


    Better email support

    We've made an update over the weekend to add better support for creating content via email within Workspaces. So what can you do?

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    Posted by James on 10 June 2012

    Online document editor no longer available for Free account

    Unfortunately we have to annouce that we can no longer provide the online editor for free on the Free accounts. Due to our partner, who provides this functionality to us, have changed their policy. We try and give any many features on the Free account as the paid with some limitations, but obviously this costs and there are unfortunately limits to what we can provide for free.

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    Posted by Wayne P on 16 May 2012

    Project / Workspace templates

    Something that some of you have requested for a while now is the ability to set up Workspace templates which you can use every time a new project kicks off. We've now implemented this in Glasscubes and I wanted to bring to your attention the functionality available, how to use it, and what the limitations are.

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    Posted by Wayne on 29 February 2012

    Password protected file sharing and folders


    We've made some updates a while ago that we wanted to bring to you attention in case you missed this new extra functionality on your account. When managing projects or working on sales proposals you quite often need to share a file, document or folder securely with a client. Normally most people will send these via email, which is totally NOT secure, and is not encoded in anyway - your files can easly be intercepted.

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    Posted by Wayne on 29 February 2012


    Service interrupted


    Yesterday we experienced an issue with our domain name temporarily for 10 minutes that pushed out the incorrect server address. This spread across all the DNS servers worldwide. We fixed the issue immediately but due to the nature of how DNS servers work, they can take anything from 10 minutes to 24 hours to empty their caches and get the correct value. This means that some customers are getting 'not found' error in their browser as their ISP's DNS server has yet to refresh their cache.

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    Posted by Wayne on 5 February 2012

    Intermittent Slowness

    Hi everyone,

    we wanted to write a short post just to let you know whats been happening the last week. No one likes to talk about their own bad news, but we feel its important to keep you in the loop as to why and whats happening.

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    Posted by James T on 15 October 2011

    Real-time Feeds


    When it comes to online collaborating, sharing files, etc its good to keep abreast of who else on your account is doing what so you can keep an overview of everything happening in your organization. Of course we have the Activity feeds in Glasscubes that gives you a snapshot of everything that has been happening.

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    Posted by Jamie on 20 May 2011

    Thumbnail view for files is here

    We glad to announce that we now have a thumbnail view of all images in the document file section. You simply need to select 'thumbnail' from the 'View' drop down as highlighted with the green arrow:

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    Posted by Jamie on 22 April 2011

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