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  • User Groups in Glasscubes

    This weekend we are making available across all accounts the ability to create User Groups. What are user groups? Its a convenient way of grouping users together so that you can select a group of people with a single click when sending a notification or adding them to a Workspace. Groups can be anything you want from an internal team, or an external company. So how does it work? - first go to the 'Admin area' then 'User security', scroll down to just under the list of users and you will see this now:

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    Posted by Jamie B on 16 February 2011

    Updated Workspace navigation

    We've just recently updated the the way you can navigate Workspaces with Glasscubes in an effort to make your navigation around your account more quick and easy thus reducing the number of clicks to get where you want to be.

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    Posted by Wayne on 15 February 2011


    Get notifications when someone views your file



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    Posted by James on 11 February 2011

    Christmas update


    We're rolling out a new major update at Christmas and it brings some new exciting features. We'll go into details about each one when they become live in the coming 2 weeks but I wanted to give you some information now so you know what to expect

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    Posted by Wayne on 14 December 2010

    Mobile phone access

    I'm really happy to let you know that the mobile version of Glasscubes is now available to everyone. We wanted to make this mobile interface light and simple and to give you access to the key things you need when on the road to help your online project management. We also wanted to make it available to as many phone types as possible. So with this in mind we didn't create a specific 'app' for a specific phone (ie iPhone app, etc) - instead we've created a specific web interface that you can access on any mobile phone that has a web browser. So no matter what phone you have you can access Glasscubes when you're on the move.

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    Posted by Gianni S on 26 October 2010

    Have it your way - with Glasscubes cust

    Something I know we've been wanted to make available for you - Customization - is finally here!

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    Posted by Wayne on 8 June 2010

    New Features June

    Ok I'll keep short as I'm sure you're busy!

    We've added a couple of new features to Glasscubes which I think you'll find useful.

    - Time tracking - if you charge your time spent on projects for customers or need to track time against work & tasks performed you can now do this quickly on Glasscubes. For more information see Wayne's blog post

    - Customization - Hide the tabs and areas of Glasscubes you don't use, making it more easy and quick to access what's important to you. This only takes a few seconds to do and really improves your experience using Glasscubes. Again see another blog post by Wayne here

    We're now preparing the mobile version of Glasscubes, so if you are interested in beta testing this then drop us and email and we'll make this available to you in the coming weeks.

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    Posted by Nick on 1 June 2010

    PR Survey: 89.5% Say More Collaborative Relationships Would Equal Stronger Results

    Results from an online survey of public relations professionals indicate that agency/client relationships are “somewhat collaborative,” according to 55% of respondents. Nearly 90% of those surveyed said they’d achieve better results if these relationships were more collaborative.
    When asked to define an effective, collaborative PR relationship, some common themes emerged, including:
    •    Openness (open door, open minds, open communication)
    •    Frequent, two-way communication
    •    Trust
    •    Clear expectations
    •    Partnership

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    Posted by Nick Foggin on 20 May 2010


    More, more, more storage for Basic and Limited packages

    We're really happy to annouce that we have increased the amount of storage for Basic and Limited accounts.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 7 May 2010

    Now You Can Manage Individual File Permissions

    After several reviews regarding personal security and file security, combined with many user requests we have finally introduced individual file preferences within Glasscubes document management system.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 4 May 2010

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