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  • How to Perform Better While Working Under Pressure

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    Turning in a good performance at work while under pressure is one of the great challenges of modern life. Coping with stress has become a major concern for many of us, as tight deadlines, demanding targets and long working days cause anxiety level to shoot up.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 12 December 2017


    5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Company

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    The start of a new year is a popular time to reflect back and make plans for the years to come. People often celebrate this time of year by planning out their New Year’s resolutions, and your company might well wish to emulate this. Businesses too often only look at the budgets, sales forecasts, and other financial considerations.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 28 November 2017


    5 Great Ideas for Office Festive Season Cheer

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    Perhaps you want to add festive elements beyond a traditional company holiday party, or your office, like so many others, doesn’t have the cash for a big event. Here are some easy ideas to add festive fun to your workplace, without having to break the budget.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 21 November 2017


    How to Rock the Christmas Season at the Office

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    The importance of the festive season doesn’t stop when you enter the office. For many workers, it is a chance to spend quality time as a team and enliven their workplace. Even if you aren’t particularly fond of Christmas or any of the other holidays in the season, this time of year can present opportunities for you.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 14 November 2017


    Great Ideas for No-Budget Employee Incentives

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    Today’s businesses face many challenges. Many are still recovering from the most recent economic downturn and trying to figure out how to deal with the changing political landscape. For many business owners and managers, the challenge is trying to retain good employees and motivate their whole staff, within budget constraints.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 24 October 2017


    Eliminating the Office Dead Weight

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    You may like to think that your office is working like a well-oiled machine and maybe it is. On the other hand, you might have an employee or two (or more) who might not be pulling his or her weight. It can be difficult to determine if there is an actual problem with someone’s work performance or not. Here is help for identifying employees so you can address their performance

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 17 October 2017


    4 Hacks for Speeding Your Company’s Team Projects

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    Team projects are an important part of many businesses. Often multiple people with different expertise are necessary to bring a project to the best conclusion. Unfortunately, the larger the scale of a project, the more potential there is for it to experience delays. Procrastination may not be the problem, it may just be that employees are diverted due to more imminent deadlines.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 10 October 2017

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    Projects Out of Control? 4 Great Fixes

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    In this post-recession working world, many companies are still trying to do more with few employees. This reluctance to hire more workers means that every employee may be required to do more work in the same number of days. This can make it very difficult to keep all of your projects and other work on track and on time. 

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 3 October 2017


    This is the Latest Trend in Business Practices

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    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that fitness watches are everywhere. You might even be wearing one right now – but even if you aren’t, you’ve seen them around. For health-minded people, these ingenious devices provide all kinds of useful feedback: number of steps taken, number of calories burned, number of hours slept, etc.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 26 September 2017


    Productivity and You – How To Get The Focus You Need

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    Whether you are working remotely or in an office, there are always times when productivity is low. Be it because the tasks in front of you are boring or because your energy is low and you just don’t have the inspiration you need.

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    Posted by Kevin Senior on 20 September 2017


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