• 7 ways to improve your marketing team's productivity

    on 9 November 2016



    Marketing is a high powered and frenetic activity sometimes. You need information when you are with a client, while you are at an exhibition or while working on a campaign to a short deadline. When people are not all in the office at the same time, keeping on top of this information can be a challenge.

    We are very used to being able to pop in to see our fellow team members on the other side of the office, and ask a quick query; or to check how something is progressing, without bothering to call another meeting to discuss it. When you do not all work in the same office this is not an option.

    Here are some ways using a cloud based collaboration system can help make managing your marketing information better and easier.

    1. Campaign information in one place

    If you want to be sure that you always have the latest information about your latest marketing campaigns, holding it all in one place is key. Cloud based document sharing systems are an effective way to do this, whether the information is client information, ideas or graphics. With a cloud-based system, there is no more waiting for Julian to remember to bring his version of the latest copy into the office. No waiting for him to email it to everyone, possibly in a format that only works on his Apple Mac. When you are using a cloud based sharing system, Julian will have saved his document to the shared system so everyone else working on your campaign will be able to see it immediately.

    With automatic version control, you can be more certain that you will actually be viewing the latest version, and not the version your client rejected last week.

    Having all your information in one place, up-to-date and accessible to everyone who needs it, will save you time too.

    2. On-line brainstorming

    Although face-to-face brainstorming for new campaigns is still best, when you need a new idea fast, not everyone may be available to travel to your office. Many cloud based information-sharing systems have tools to enable you to do this online. Online whiteboard functions enable you to do virtual brainstorming, just as if you were clustered around a flipchart. Better still, you can save it to your campaign folder for future reference.

    There is less risk too that your competitors will see your ideas before the final campaign is complete too. Cloud based systems usually encrypt the information and there is less paper for people to see e.g. on a flip chart.

    3. Access to archives

    If you are struggling to find a new idea, being able to review (and reuse) information from previous campaigns can be very useful. A cloud-based information sharing system makes it possible to review all saved campaign material easily and quickly.

    4. Quick access out of the office

    I am sure you have had the experience where you are with a client discussing a possible campaign or exhibition, and they ask you a question about something you do not have on your PC or Mac. With shared cloud storage, you can quickly access anything you need, whenever you need it. This could be:

    • Latest targeted information about the market (as identified by your team)
    • Contact names, titles, and notes
    • Latest campaign information (and your second and third alternate ideas)

    Having one place to find all your shared information will save a lot of scratched heads, abortive work (on an old document), and stress. You can share not only your documents, but also drawings, image files, audio and video, emails, online conversations, screen shots etc.

    Not only will everyone be accessing the latest versions, it will allow you to move current members of the team out to new campaigns and new members in.

    5. Virtual press info store

    Shared document systems do not just store created documents. By scanning all third party press articles, you can store campaign specific articles alongside your own press releases to assess their success.

    At exhibitions, you can quickly find relevant articles to show to prospective customers visiting your stand.

    6. Event project management

    The planning and execution of an event e.g. an effective exhibition stand, requires the efficient input of a variety of different people. Online, easy to use, project management tools can help you keep track of who is doing what and when. These tools allow everyone to access and update progress in one place.

    With an online project management tool, that is part of a cloud based document management system, you are able to directly link tasks to ongoing campaign information

    7. Supplier information for quick sharing

    At exhibitions, you will be dealing with a whole variety of different suppliers. Using a cloud based information system, means you can keep a list of these in the cloud, along with associated details. Details such as:

    • Who’s who
    • Who does what
    • Contacts
    • Standard order forms
    • Order details
    • Delivery schedules
    • Payment schedules

    A good cloud based information system will be secure too.

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    Posted by Jacqui Hogan