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    6 Warning Signs That You Need An Intranet

    on 11 October 2017


    Posted by Jacqui Hogan
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    The pressure to work more efficiently is ever increasing. We need to work faster, smarter and with more and more information. Not having the right information where and when you need it makes this harder and more stressful.

    We’ve moved on from having to go and look things up in a filing cabinet, but it’s often hard to know where in the electronic universe to go to find it. A good Intranet, based on an effective collaborative tool set, can make this much easier by holding all the information in one easy to search electronic ‘cupboard’.

    Employee expectations and the world of work have changed too.

    Here are some warning signs that should make you think about getting an Intranet.

    1. Lots of email updates

    I hate emails. You probably do too.

    Maybe you’re bombarded with endless ‘I agree’ emails. Or you are emailed more than one version of a document and do not like having to phone the senders to find out which is which. Or you find that your inbox is full because someone sent you a very big document. Quite frankly, you have better things to do with your time.

    Email is great for telling people things they might find interesting, but horrible for having conversations or sharing documents, or anything that requires interaction!

    An Intranet allows you to have conversations and share documents, without having to keep attaching them to emails. You will save time, money and stress.

    2. Working on the wrong document version

    We have all had the experience of spending hours working on a document only to find that it was not the latest version. Or, arriving at a meeting to find we do not actually know which copy of a document is the latest. It is frustrating and time wasting. It makes approving documents more difficult too.

    Sharing all your documents in a good Intranet will manage versions for you and you will always know that you are looking at the latest document.

    3. Duplicated information

    Having one place to find all your shared information will save a lot of scratched heads, abortive work (on an old document), and stress. You can share not only your documents, but also drawings, image files, audio and video, emails, online conversations, screen shots etc.

    Sharing these all in your Intranet, means everyone will be accessing the latest versions. It will improve your audit trail. It will allow you to move current members of the team out to new projects and new members in, seamlessly. It will also reduce potential mistakes made based on out of date information.

    4. Working in silos

    Silos were originally invented to keep different types of grain separate. Unfortunately, we now have departmental silos where people jealously guard their information with their loyalty focused on their department not on the organisation as a whole.

    Silos made it difficult to share even basic knowledge. The problem is that you end up with duplicated/conflicting information, poor communication, and high resistance to change.

    With advent of Intranets, we now have the technology to extract this information and share it all in one place. Everyone who needs to access it can do so, easily and safely. Intranet solutions help you create a learning partnership between employees for sharing their knowledge for the benefit of both themselves and your organisation.

    When everyone shares their knowledge, your organisation will be more successful and better able to manage change.

    5. Not enough or inefficient collaboration

    Once we used to all work in the same office. Today, we collaborate with more teams, people in different offices, even people working in different time zones. You need to be able share documents and information with other people. But you no longer pop over to Matt’s desk with a paper document every time. You need to be able to tell him where the electronic document is and discuss it with him. You may even need to work collaboratively with him to create or update it, and you will want to avoid using email for this!

    An Intranet will keep all the documents and other information in one place to which everyone has controlled access. By using an intranet, you can do away with the confusion of which document or spreadsheet is the latest version as it’s updated in real time. You will be able to approve documents with the click of your mouse, add comments, and follow updates as they are made.

    Many Intranets’ also have tools to allow you to share and assign tasks.

    6. Too much reliance on the ‘grapevine’ for communications

    Does your organisation spend large amounts of money and resources on your external communication but neglect internal communications to your employees?

    Employees are becoming more demanding concerning the ways their employers talk and listen to them. They expect increased collaboration, transparency, and feedback. They want to feel valued and listened to. With the meteoric rise in social media, they are used to a constant flow of information, interaction, and feedback. Social media has become the new grapevine.

    Do you really want your employees to learn important news about your organisation from social media or the internal grapevine? Your internal communication channels need to be faster than either of these. That way, your employees get the message you want them to get, with the correct background and context - not an inaccurate rumour. This will also make them feel valued as they are ‘in the loop’.

    Having a central source of important and timely information will also save management time. It will stop information going through the management filter, where information is often distorted, re-interpreted, or lost altogether.

    The only way to do this is with a central source of managed information i.e. an Intranet.

    In a crisis, there is often less management communication, increasing stress and fear. Having an Intranet gives you the means to control and share vital information without the organisation getting distracted from resolving the problem.

    Glasscubes is a UK based collaboration solution provider that supports a full range of Intranet options. Find out more about how they can help you manage your data safely and effectively by calling +44 (0)20 3274 2310.